Embrace Beachside Bliss: The New Era of Kiwi Holidaying with Pod and Co

The quintessential Kiwi holiday often conjures images of sun-soaked beaches, laid-back barbecues, and the simplicity of a seaside tent. But with New Zealand’s real estate landscape evolving and house prices scaling new heights, the dream of owning a traditional bach by the beach can feel just out of reach. It’s time to rethink the beach holiday experience, and Pod and Co is leading the charge with an innovative solution—beachside pods.

Imagine owning a slice of paradise without the monumental investment traditionally involved. Pod and Co offers large pods perfectly suited for beachside living. These aren’t just compact living spaces; they’re fully realised holiday homes tailored for the Kiwi lifestyle. With the capacity to accommodate everything from a solo retreat to a jubilant gathering, these pods can be placed on a small plot of land or added to existing family baches, expanding space and possibilities.

With family and community at the heart of New Zealand culture, a Pod and Co beachside pod is an ideal way to invite the extended family for long summer stays without the squeeze. Adding a pod to a family bach not only provides additional room but also ensures everyone has their own comfortable space, making time together even more enjoyable.

New Zealand’s beaches are legendary, with each one offering a unique backdrop for holiday memories. A Pod and Co beachside pod is designed to blend into these stunning landscapes, with design options that reflect the environment. The “Coastal” colour range mirrors the soft hues of the ocean and sand, while the “Urban” choice stands out with its modern and sleek black timber detailing, all customisable to nestle into the panoramic beauty of your chosen locale.

Owning a Pod and Co beachside pod isn’t just about embracing the beach life now; it’s about creating a legacy. It’s a place where future generations can come together and where stories will be told for years to come, against the backdrop of New Zealand’s breathtaking coastlines.

Time to fold up the tent and step into your beachside pod, where the spirit of Kiwi holidays is preserved, and the magic of our beaches is just a doorway away.